Friday 26 May 2017

More on Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

This guy is really good! Plagiarised from Niklaus Wirth even!
Here is Seyed's data structures book Seyed's book

And here is from Wirth's book at Algorithms and Data Structures

I should be honoured to be considered worth plagiarising in such company!

Plagiarism by Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

I've had an a book online for many years "Network Programming with Go" under a Creative Commons license which allows copies but does not allow change of copyright to another person. It is now being published by APress.

It was pointed out to me that Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah has self-published a book "Go for Network" which is a complete ripoff of my book. Well, he did change one thing: the name of the author from me to him! Checking up, this guy is really prolific: according to he has published 24 books!

A list of his magnificent achievements is given below. I haven't checked many of them, but in addition to mine, the Start Linux book appears to be stolen from Alex Carr Dive into Linux
If you know the original authors of any of these books, please let them know!

Data Structure

 The modern digital computer was invented and intended as a device that should facilitate and speed up complicated and time-consuming computations. In the majority of applications its capability to store and access large amounts of information plays the dominant part and is considered to be its primary characteristic, and its ability to compute, more
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Learn CSS3

 If you've been a web developer for any length of time, then CSS won't be strange to you. You might, however, be wondering what the fuss over CSS3 is all about. Just like the new HTML 5 specifications, CSS3 (or CSS Version 3, to be more precise) is the latest set of specifications designed to mold, shape, and define just what capabilities the newest version of CSS more
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Go for Network

 You can't build a system without some idea of what you want to build. And you can't build it if you don't know the environment in which it will work. GUI programs are different to batch processing programs; games programs are different to business programs; and distributed programs are different to standalone more
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

How to Start Java Programming

Why another book on Java? Why a book on Java and Linux? Isn’t Java a platform-independent system? Aren’t there enough books on Java? Can’t I learn everything I need to know from the Web?
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

How Operating Systems Work

 All desktop computers have operating systems. The most common are the Windows family of operating systems developed by Microsoft, the Macintosh operating systems developed by Apple and the UNIX family of operating systems (which have been developed by a whole history of individuals, corporations and collaborators) more
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Proactive Cyber Defense: Security for Government

Proactive cyber defense in Government relates to the way a company is run and managed in order to ensure its well-being. All of a company’s stakeholders are basically players as far as good Government is concerned, but the responsibility and accountability for it starts with its Board of Directors and Senior more
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Data Mining for Big Data

The most commonly accepted definition of “data mining” is the discovery of “models” for data. A “model,” however, can be one of several things. We mention below the most important directions in modeling.
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Why Unit Test

By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start Wordpress

Start WordPress Right Now !
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start Linux

Linux is a Unix-like open source operating system. At the core of the operating system is the Linux kernel. It acts as the intermediary between the applications which run in the operating system and the underlying hardware.
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start Php

 PHP is a powerful programming language that lets you build dynamic Web sites. It works well on a variety of platforms, and it's reasonably easy to understand.
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start Bootstrap

 Bootstrap, quite simply, puts the power of design and UI layout back in the developer’s hands, leaving things in a nice, clean, easy-to-maintain state that can then be passed to a front-end graphic designer whose job it is to make things shine.
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

What Is Git ?!

Git is an open-source version control system known for its speed, stability, and distributed collaboration model. Originally created in 2006 to manage the entire Linux kernel, Git now boasts a comprehensive feature set, an active development team, and several free hosting more
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

What Is Angular.js?! 

Angular.js is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by Google. It gives JavaScript developers a highly-structured approach to developing rich, browser-based applications which leads to very high productivity. If you are using more
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Full Android Guide: Advanced

 Android has grown from nothing to arguably the world’s most popular smartphone OS in a few short years. Whether you are developing applications for the public, for your business or organization, or are just experimenting on your own, I think you will find Android to be an exciting and challenging area for more
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start Mongodb

Most of this book will focus on core MongoDB functionality. We’ll therefore rely on the MongoDB shell. While the shell is useful to learn as well as being a useful administrative tool, your code will use a MongoDB driver. This does bring up the first thing you should know about MongoDB: its more
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Full Android Guide: Intermediate

By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Full Android Guide: Beginner

By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start Node.js

Node - or Node.js, as it is called to distinguish it from other "nodes" - is an event-driven I/O framework for the V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js allows Javascript to be executed on the server side, and it uses the wicked fast V8 Javascript engine which was developed by Google for the Chrome more
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start SQLNetwork

This book will cover the basics of SQL, and should help introduce beginners to SQL concepts. It is also a good documentation source when forgetting how the basic SQL syntax works.
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start Js!

JavaScript (JS for short) is the programming language that enables web pages to respond to user interaction beyond the basic level. It was created in 1995, and is today one of the most famous and used programming languages.
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start Go!

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start Python 3!

This is a simple book to learn Python programming language, it is for the programmers who are new to Python.
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah

Start Ruby !

 Start Ruby! will help you begin programming in Ruby
By Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah