Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ubuntu 11.04

I've got a laptop running Ubuntu 10.10, a netbook running 10.04 and as an alternative boot, the 10.10 netbook remix and also a rather odd system: I'm using an HP thin client as media centre in my lounge connected to a 58 inch Panasonic TV via DVI to HDMI. It streams from a MyBook World NAS that I hacked into to become a general server.

The TV screen is about 3 metres away from where I sit, so I want a "10 foot GUI". Surprisingly perhaps some of the netbook distros do very well at that as while they are designed for small screens they also do well for big screens a long way away. Currently I am using xPud which I have customised to my environment.

But I have to keep rebuilding my version of xPud to keep up, so I am always trying other distros with an easier management cycle. So of course Ubuntu 11.04 looks like a nice candidate.

It's worse than a disappointment, it doesn't display a usable screen at all. Bits of icons smeared across the screen and the left tool bar only showing when you click on the right-hand-side (!) of the screen.

It runs okay on my netbook, but I'm loathe to upgrade my main laptop while there are such problems with other systems. I guess I will wait till 11.10 for Unity to stabilise before doing a general upgrade to Ubuntu 11.

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